G-Spot and Squirting

The “G-spot” and female ejaculation (squirting) have been discussed quite contradictorily for a long time; their existence is still being questioned to some extent today. Extensive scientific studies are rare, at present mainly basic studies and field reports are available. This text is based on studies by various sex scientists, sex doctors and gynaecologists, although … Read moreG-Spot and Squirting

Squirting: 8 Things You Should Know About Female Ejaculation

1. What is squirting? Translated, squirting means squirting down and means female ejaculation. In other words, the woman leaves a larger or smaller amount of fluid during orgasm. 2. Is there female ejaculation at all? Both science and the philosopher Aristotle – he reported about it 300 years before Christ – say YES. For a … Read moreSquirting: 8 Things You Should Know About Female Ejaculation