Squirting – is that real?

Squirting: Is this a myth that is widespread in porn? Or is there actually female ejaculation? What sexual doctors mean. And how an African love technique should help.

Squirting – does it really exist?

The American sex search engine Pornhub recently published data on which sex search terms are most frequently entered with sweaty fingers by their users. On place 1: “big breasts” . This is followed by “Blow Job” – and then a word that is not necessarily immediately familiar to every woman: “SQUIRTING” .

We clarify: Squirting is translated with the less elegant term “squirting”. However, this does not mean male ejaculation, but female ejaculation. There are so many sexual myths entwined around little more than the ability of some women to let a larger amount of fluid pass through their orgasm.

The fact is: Not every woman experiences ejaculation. Which is why their existence is often doubted. We have therefore asked.

How does squirting come about? By stimulating the G-spot. It lies about five centimeters deep in the vagina, on the upper vaginal wall. By stimulating the zone along the urethra, some, perhaps all, women develop a fluid called “female ejaculate”, which is called the “female ejaculate”. This is formed by the so-called Skene glands and can be injected during the climax via small exits in the end sections of the urethra. Can – but does not have to.

  • Why does ejaculation not occur in all women? The sensitivity of the G-spot varies from woman to woman. Some people say they don’t feel it at all. Which is why his existence is still often doubted.
  • The fact is that the particularly sensitive pleasure zone between the front wall of the vagina and the urethra is not always the same size.
  • According to scientists, the size depends on the original size of the Skene glands, the time of the last sexual contact and the concentration of male sex hormones in the woman’s blood. In short, it is also a question of timing…

How much fluid is released in the process? The actresses in relevant porn movies often pritscheln like wild around – in fact, the female ejaculation does not always have to be a giant surge, but it can also only be a few droplets. The woman doesn’t “squirt” into it either, it’s rather that she “runs out”… For some women it then feels as if she has to urinate. However, the separate love secretion is crystal clear to milky and should never be confused with urine.

In which position is this best achieved? The zone called the G-spot is stimulated particularly intensively during the riding position (woman on top). A woman can intensify this feeling by leaning back a little with her upper body. Doggie Style (where the man kneels behind the woman) also provides more intensive friction.

Can you train squirting? Not really. As always, you should not let yourself be put under pressure during sex, but relax and simply enjoy it. Then ejaculation is most likely to occur.

But there is supposed to be an African love technique

In Rwanda, the “Kunyaza” technique is often used in love play. Literally translated this means “to urinate” (whereby the love secretion secreted by the woman is not urine!). Through “Kunyaza” it is allegedly possible not only to cause multiple female orgasms, but also strong ejaculations. During the love play the penis, moistened with vaginal secretion, is pulled out of the vagina and held by the man between two fingers. Now he begins to tap gently and rhythmically with the glans on the vulva of the woman, first on the small labia, later also on the vaginal vestibule and the clitoris. The tapping can also be combined with rubbing the glans over the entire vulva and intensified as the woman becomes more aroused. The woman can help by keeping her labia wide open to intensify the feeling.

And if it never happens?

Not bad either, for heaven’s sake. The main thing is that you have fun with it. By the way, there are also numerous women who have no need for it at all. We discussed this in a girls’ group once. And funnily enough the argument came relatively often: “I don’t really need the mess in bed…”.