Squirting and Female Ejaculation

The terms squirting and female ejaculation are often used in the same breath. However, it appears that the fluid that escapes during squirting is different from the fluid that escapes during female ejaculation.

When women excitedly secrete a fluid from their vagina, it has usually been referred to as female ejaculation or squirting. In reality, however, these seem to be two different fluids. In the context of a study by the gynaecology and obstetrics department of Privé Hospital in France, published in 2014 in the Journal of sexual medicine, author Samuel Salama claims to have found a difference between the fluids.

These facts about the female orgasm you should know

According to the study, the term female ejaculation refers to a small amount of milky fluid coming from the female prostate that can escape during a strong sexual arousal of the woman.

The female prostate is a spongy glandular tissue that can consist of up to 40 of the so-called Skene glands. It encloses the woman’s urethra and can even be palpated as a G-zone during sexual arousal. Researchers at the Vienna University Hospital assume that the prostate develops in the same way in boys and girls up to a certain point in time in the mother’s stomach. Female hormones then prevent the development of a fully developed prostate in girls. The glandular tissue in women would therefore be a rudimentary part of the male prostate that could also produce ejaculate. In fact, the fluid from the female prostate resembles the secretion from the male prostate, which is part of the sperm fluid.

Squirting fluid comes from the bladder

According to the study, however, the term squirting refers to a larger amount of fluid coming from the bladder, i.e. urine. This liquid is also frequently seen in pornography. The term “squirting” or also “spraying” is apt in the truest sense of the word for this leakage of liquid, because up to 0.2 litres of liquid can be discharged here.

With the help of ultrasound, the study had been able to prove that even completely emptied bubbles of the test subjects would have filled up with liquid for a short time during strong excitation, which was then sprayed off again shortly afterwards. An examination of the squirting liquid revealed that it was actually urine. In the case of some test subjects, the secretion of the Skene glands had also been found in this liquid.

What is it about the Mysterium G-Spot?

Since squirting basically seems to be about urine, it should in principle be possible for every woman to “squirt off”. What is important here is complete relaxation and strong arousal of the woman. The best prerequisite for squirting is first and foremost a partner whom you know and trust completely.

A relaxed atmosphere can be created by an extended foreplay. For example, erotic massages and caresses can help you relax and fuel your arousal. It has been reported that clitoral or G-zone stimulation is the most common trigger for squirting. Descriptions from various Internet forums such as joyclub.de, med1.de and planet-liebe.de after, it feels shortly before the cum approximately as if one must urgently to the toilet. Here many women feel inhibitions to let go and suppress the urge to urinate and thus squirting. If you give in to the feeling, you can make the squirting possible.

Squirting: Three golden rules

1. in squirting it is important to stimulate intensively

If your partner is to get you to cum, he must focus his attention on an intense foreplay! Therefore he should penetrate your vagina with his fingers and rub the front wall, … here are more tips and tricks!

2. that certain extra must not be missing with the Squirting: Lube gel!

Your partner should spread a generous amount of lubricant on his hand to get you squirting. If he has penetrated your vagina with his fingers, then the “come here” technique would be a good start … here are more tips and tricks!

3. the right sex position is the key to squirting

It is important that you feel comfortable in the selected sex position. It is especially advantageous for squirting if you lie on your back, your legs are spread and you put a pillow under your bottom.