Squirting: 8 Things You Should Know About Female Ejaculation

1. What is squirting?

Translated, squirting means squirting down and means female ejaculation. In other words, the woman leaves a larger or smaller amount of fluid during orgasm.

2. Is there female ejaculation at all?

Both science and the philosopher Aristotle – he reported about it 300 years before Christ – say YES. For a long time the topic was not discussed openly, as many women confused the ejaculate with urine.

3 Why and how does squirting occur?

When the woman’s G-spot is stimulated, the body often forms a fluid called “female ejaculate”. This secretion can be squirted during climax via small exits in the end sections of the urethra. This does not always happen and not with every woman.

4. Do all women squirt?

No, because the sensitivity of the G-spot is different in each woman. Therefore it is still doubted whether it exists at all.

5. How much liquid comes out of it?

That can be quite different – from a few droplets to a real surge. It’s also not the case that women really “spray around” – but rather “leak out”. That’s why many women get scared because they think they’re peeing on each other.

6 How do I know that it is not urine?

Don’t worry, the fluid looks different. It is milky to crystal clear and smells different from urine. 7.

7 How does squirting work best?

It doesn’t have to be the penis. The G-spot can also be stimulated well with the fingers. It lies about five centimetres deep in the vagina, on the upper vaginal wall. The tissue of the G-spot feels a little different than the tissue next to it. It is best to insert a finger and act as if you were waving your finger at someone – this is the best way to feel them.

8. Can you train squirting?

Not really. More important is that you can let yourself go and enjoy the sex. The love play is just as beautiful without squirting. And if a guy is “disappointed” that you’re not squirting, then he’s a stupid idiot who’s seen too many porn. Send him to the desert!