Phenomenon Squirting: Can any woman do that?

What happens during squirting, does it make sex and orgasm better? An expert reveals how squirting works for women.


  • What does squirting mean?
  • Is there really squirting?
  • What is being squirted?
  • Can any woman squirt?
  • How do I get it to squirt?
  • How much secretion escapes during squirting?
  • Can I learn squirting?
  • Why is squirting so taboo and why is so little reported about women who can?

Our expert

We asked a man who needs to know: Escort man Maxime reports from his wealth of experience: “One of the most sought-after topics in my workshops on female orgamus and encounters with my clients is ‘squirting’. What exactly is squirting? Is it female ejaculation? Can any woman make it? What is the attraction?”

What does squirting mean?

Translated, squirting means squirting. However, in most cases it is more like a leak than a squirt of a certain secretion from the vagina.

Is there really squirting?

Yes, there is squirting. Squirting has been written about several hundred years ago in various cultures. Even Aristotle dealt with this phenomenon. In different cultures of the earth squirting belongs to the absolute highlight of women. In medicine, squirting has become generally accepted. Many physicians consider squirting to be the ejaculation of women. But many aspects are still unexplored and not exactly explained.

What is injected there?

First of all, the fluid discharged is not pure urine or the vaginal secretion that moistens the vagina. It is a special secretion. The source of the secretion suspected by the scientists are the so-called Skene glands, named after the Scottish gynecologist Alexander J.C. Skene, whose channels originate from the female prostate and end left and right of the urinary outlet. Since the glands are located directly next to the urethra, some urine from the urethra may be added during squirting. Without the urine the squirting secretion is transparent and has a different taste and smell than urine or the vaginal secretion.

Can any woman squirt?

Women’s bodies are so different! Also the intensity of the orgasm is different for every woman! And how a woman can come to an orgasm is quite different.

  • There are women who unconsciously squirt and expel a lot of fluid.
  • Others try in vain for a long time. With some it is only a few drops.
  • If it doesn’t work out, it may be because some women don’t produce enough squirting secretion. However, they experience the same feeling as other women who discharge a lot of secretion.
  • Every woman can at least achieve the feeling of squirting by stimulating the female prostate.
  • During squirting, most women report, you feel an additional orgasm kick. This should feel like losing all the pressure in the lower area and letting go completely.

… and how exactly does that work?

Since the female prostate is supposed to produce the squirting secretion, the stimulation of the prostate is obvious. It is located on the anterior vaginal wall, about four to six centimetres behind the vaginal entrance. This is also where the woman’s well-known G-spot is supposed to be. Since not every woman has a special sensation there, however, the female prostate can also be excited by particularly impulsive stimulation of the clitoris.

How do I achieve squirting?

Stimulate your vagina both clitorally (outside) and vaginally (inside). It is best to insert the middle and ring fingers into the vagina. Press both fingers against the upper vaginal wall. Take your thumb and use it to stimulate your clitoris.

  • Variation 1: Use a vibrator for the outer area instead of the thumb.
  • Variation 2: Use a vibrator for the inner area and stimulate your outer clitoris with index and middle finger.

Important: Shortly before your orgasm you should feel a pressure that feels like you have to go to the toilet. Now you should not hold this back, but let it run by pressing or relaxing (according to your feelings).

My tip:

If you should try it with your partner, then you may put yourselves under no circumstances under pressure. Take your time and don’t tense up. By the way, the perfect sex position for squirting is the riding position. The upper body should bend back slightly. The penis stimulates so best the front vaginal wall. Now the man or woman should stimulate the clitoris.